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The Athlete's Village


Project Value


Client: Lend Lease

Type: Residential

The Athlete’s Village, which lies adjacent to the Olympic Park in Stratford, accommodated athletes and officials during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

After the games the Village delivered the legacy of 2,818 new homes for east London. The new homes were built across 11 residential plots and were joined by new parks and open spaces.

Beginning in April 2009, this package presented enormous logistical challenges, as not only did Munnelly Logistics have to manage the pedestrian and vehicle traffic for The Athlete’s Village, but also had to manage the deliveries via The Athlete’s Village into Europe’s biggest urban shopping centre, Westfield. Our objective was to ensure that all plots booked in their deliveries via the plot’s logistics representative, using the online delivery management system, which was centrally controlled by our DMS Co-Ordinator. Once the deliveries had passed all security checks they were then allowed to enter the site and were controlled and directed to their destination by our Traffic Marshals, who whilst doing this were also controlling the pedestrians who were going to and from their place of work.

There had been no reportable traffic incidents or road accidents during our 3 year duration at the Village, which is testament to the professionalism and high standard of our Marshals and management team. To this end, the Munnelly’s Traffic Marshal team have been nominated for numerous awards, including SHE, ODA and site based awards to which many individuals have won.