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Tameside General Hospital


Project Value


Client: Balfour Beatty

Type: Hospital

Tameside General Hospital is a National Health Service hospital situated in Ashton-under-Lyne. It is run by the Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and services the surrounding area of Tameside and Greater Manchester.

Employing fewer than 2,500 staff, the hospital provides a wide array of healthcare one would associate with a general hospital. After almost a decade of planning, a new facility for individuals with mental health problems, an energy centre and a surface car park has been built at the existing Tameside General Hospital site. The new facilities provide; in/out patient accommodation, theatres, children’s facilities and an acute hospital. In 2005, the hospital received the maximum 3 star rating from the Healthcare Commission in recognition of the qualities of its services.

In order to fulfil the obligations as laid out in the scope of works, Munnelly Environmental placed segregated and colour coded wheelie bins onto site. These were situated at agreed points on each of the floor levels. These waste vessels not only alleviated the requirement for skips but provided trades contractors with a clear and convenient waste disposal point at each site level. Once the bins were full, they were brought down from the floor plates by the Munnelly Environmental team via the vertical transportation provided.

Our Waste Manager then identified the necessary waste streams and recorded the quantity. This enabled the Munnelly Environmental team to build up accurate figures by weight of individual waste streams produced before they were disposed of into relevant skips. With the full support of the Client, Munnelly Environmental segregated waste at the workface into clearly labelled bins. Sub-Contractors were then being monitored by our onsite management team and regulated by the obstruction notice system. This kept the site clean and proved to be a great successful for the project.