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Network Rail National Centre


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Client: BAM

Type: Commercial

Located in Milton Keynes, the Network Rail National Centre is a dedicated, purpose built, office that contains Network Rail’s engineering, logistics, operational planning and management facilities.

The building houses up to 3,000 employees and was built on the National Hockey Stadium; regenerating a key site within Milton Keynes. The building is also in close proximity to the Central Milton Keynes district and is an ideal location for Network Rail employees and visitors alike, as it is close to the town centre, train station and major through routes.  Facilities include a gymnasium, food court, convenience store, showers and changing facilities as well as over 250 bicycle parking spaces.  

Whilst the positioning is ideal for visitors and employees alike, during construction the location places an importance on the project’s logistics. The Munnelly Logistics team was responsible for keeping disruption to a minimum, whilst ensuring the safety of the surrounding population. A well maintained and positive impression within the local community during construction was imperative. Munnelly Security was the first point of call when accessing the site, so the team had to be efficient and presentable. We ensured that the Security Officers liaised with the Client on a daily basis throughout the project.  Any changes to security routes would be overseen by the security team and incident reports would be highlighted and issued immediately.

Roving guards would check the buildings, offices, compound, storage containers and boundary fencing for any potential risks. If there were defects to the surrounding perimeter then these would be recorded and reported to the Logistics Manager. By supplying access control we were able to produce photo identity cards for all operatives and management. This was made possible via the provision of camera equipment and a card printout. By having a full package, the logistics and security teams would collaborate with each other to ensure that the site was a safe and efficient environment to work within.