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Library Of Birmingham


Project Value


Client: Carillion

Type: Public

The Library of Birmingham is the new library situated in the centre of Birmingham, England. Costing around £188.8 million and replacing the old Birmingham Central Library, it is seen by Birmingham City Council as a flagship project for the redevelopment of the city.

At 31,000 m2, the Library of Birmingham will provide 20% more space than the existing building and will have a capacity of up to 10,000 visitors a day, making it the biggest public library in the country. The library will utilise an ‘aquifer ground source system’ as a source of energy.  Cold groundwater will be pumped up from within the earth and then used in the air conditioning system. The water will then flow back into the ground via another drilled well.  The use of groundwater on this building as a source of renewable energy will significantly lower the library’s CO2 emissions.

The Library of Birmingham is located within close proximity of Birmingham City Centre, the National Indoor Area, Broad Street and the Birmingham International Convention Centre. The traffic management plan supplied by Munnelly Logistics had to take into account the position of the site. We integrated a manned off-site vehicle holding zone into our package allowing large arctic vehicles to be held until the site was ready to take delivery. The system guaranteed the safety of the surrounding population, by avoiding the hazards associated with the congestion of large vehicles around a tight city centre. Onsite operations were co-ordinated by the Munnelly Logistics Manager and Traffic Marshals who presented the delivery schedule at each daily briefing.

Munnelly Logistics also provided Delivery Management Software (DMS) to the Library of Birmingham. This software integrated both vehicle deliveries and vertical transportation into one delivery system; plotting the daily and weekly schedules for gates, hoist, tower-cranes and forklifts. Unloading and zoning areas was agreed between the Munnelly Logistics team and the Client. This would allow materials to be distributed to the correct areas when unloaded. Weekly reports were produced showing the number of Sub-Contractor deliveries to site and also non-conformances onsite; enabling efficient benchmarking and thus highlighting areas of improvement.