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Greater Manchester Police Headquarters


Project Value


Client: Carillion

Type: Public

The Greater Manchester Police Headquarters is located within Central Park, New East Manchester’s developing Business Park, creating a state-of-the-art corporate office facility.

This building is acclaimed to elevate Greater Manchester Police to a world-class leader in business as well as law enforcement. Arranged around a dramatic central atrium, the open plan offices encourage interaction and strengthen communication between departments. Standing at 6-storeys high, the 240,000 ft² offices offer a bright and open atmosphere that is inviting to both staff and visitors. The building was also designed to achieve a BREEAM Rating of Excellence as it utilises a number of renewable energy technologies; such as solar thermal collectors and solar photo voltaic panels. This is said to gain a 15% improvement on the Building Regulation’s carbon emissions. 

In conjunction with the client, the Munnelly Logistics team organised the project into agreed zones and all materials handled were closely co-ordinated with the delivery management schedule. In order for a delivery to be successful, the relevant handling teams needed to be available at the designated time. We ensured that the handling teams were made aware of any deliveries at the beginning of the day and that they would need to be present at the required area in advance. Upon safe receipt of the vehicle, the trade contractor will unload said vehicle utilising the safest means possible, monitored by a Munnelly Logistics team member.  

Upon booking, the Sub-Contractor would request which zone they require the materials to be moved to. From here, it was the responsibility of the handling team for the onwards movement of the materials. The distribution of the materials was co-ordinated and split into 3 prearranged and agreed categories; materials to be located on the hoist or loading bay, materials to be located in pre-agreed areas and materials to be located in the central store. All materials were stored on moveable pallets to facilitate ease of movement should relocation be required.  Owing to the restricted space available, all trade contractors would order materials for immediate use only.  Requirements were discussed and pre-booked at the daily logistic meetings with trade contractors to avoid the premium space being taken up.