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Fenchurch Street


Project Value


Client: Canary Wharf

Type: Retail, Commercial & Residential

Nicknamed the ‘Walkie Talkie’ because of its bulbous top, 20 Fenchurch Street is a 160 metre tall skyscraper that graces the City of London Skyline.

Costing over £200 million and standing at 36-storeys tall, the building features a highly distinctive, top heavy form, which appears to burst upward and outward. The design for 20 Fenchurch Street incorporates larger floor plates without increasing the building footprint, creating over 63,800 m2 of floor space. Open to the public, a spectacular ‘Sky Garden’ is located on the top floor offering views across London. Extending to over 2,780 m2, it includes an outside roof terrace, botanical gardens and a restaurant with 360-degree views; making it London’s highest public park.

Through the provision of a logistics package, Munnellys provided Canary Wharf Contractors crucial support in not only delivering this major project successfully but also in a manner that enhanced Canary Wharf Contractor’s reputation in achieving the highest level of health, safety, quality and sustainability. As the skyscraper is located in a densely populated commercial area, adjacent to the Plantation Place building, the Munnelly Logistics team formed part the front line vision to the public, potential tenants and local businesses. Due to the size and nature of the project, an effective delivery management system was required to coordinate the flow of traffic into the project preventing un-booked deliveries delaying major critical path deliveries.

The increase in traffic around the site could have had potential to disrupt existing buildings and stakeholders alike. The health and safety of the surrounding community was an absolute priority. A well thought out traffic management plan was vital in avoiding the negative impact the build-up of construction traffic had on the profile of the project. The correct number, positioning and co-ordination of Traffic Marshals were imperative to the success of the logistics package Munnellys provided.