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Manchester Civil Justice Centre


Project Value


Client: Lend Lease

Type: Public

Opened on the 24th of October 2007, the Manchester Civil Justice Centre is the biggest court complex to be built in the UK since the Royal Courts of Justice, constructed over 100 years ago. 

It comprises of 47 court rooms, tribunal and hearing rooms as well as offices and facilities for judges.  In addition to being a courthouse, it is also the new North West England headquarters for the Department of Constitutional Affairs; fulfilling its demanding brief to provide a sustainable building of civic generosity and European significance.  Accolades include ‘Project of the Year by the Building Awards 2008’, ‘Sustainability Award by ACE Awards 2008’ and ‘Architecture Grand Prix Gold by Rose Design Awards 2007’.

Working closely with Lend Lease, Munnelly Logistics provided the entire logistical service to the Manchester Civil Justice Centre project.  A focal point of the package was the delivery and traffic management of the entire site.  Space was at a premium and to counter this, Munnellys utilized the delivery zone manager software system for the first time on a Lend Lease project.  The system integrated time, hoist booking, deliveries per gate and plant use.  It was displayed in the entrance to the site so the incoming operatives could view the forthcoming deliveries.  Traffic Marshals were then given print out reports of the day’s schedule, with clear reference on numbers, types and area of delivery, creating a snapshot of the requirements ahead. 

Once again, due to the constraints of the project, many operations were carried out during the night shifts; with deliveries and wheelie bin movements utilising the vertical transportation’s free use.  This was an important element in the successful completion of the project.