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Beetham Tower


Project Value


Client: Carillion

Type: Retail, Commercial & Residential

Completed in 2006, the Beetham Tower is the highest building in Manchester, the tallest residential building in Europe and the 7th tallest building in Europe with over 525,000 ft² of space.

It is visible from 10 different counties and, as proportion of height to width; the tower is from the side one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world with a ratio of 10:1. The site was formerly home to an old section of railway viaduct, which contained a car dealership. The Beetham Tower is 168.87 metres high, has a total of 47 floors and is home to the Manchester Hilton Hotel with 219 luxury apartments and 16 penthouse apartments. At floor 24, the building dramatically juts out 4 metres from the floors below with a cantilever.

Munnellys carried out a complete logistics package on the Beetham Tower, ensuring continuity of works on a challenging project. Due to its height, the high level of fit out and the density of waste produced, the development and implementation of a vertical transport management scheme was imperative. Optimum usage of the hoist and internal lifts was our highest priority. Therefore a coherent strategy of deliveries up and waste vessels down was executed to ensure continuity on the project.

To assist in working to a revised accelerated program after delays with the cladding, Munnelly Logistics carried out a large proportion of the service out of hours. A 24 hour material handling and waste team was implemented with Sub-Contractors delivering to zone basement areas and further distribution via the material handling team. Munnellys achieved a clean and efficient project, through a carefully conceived waste strategy. This was recognized when Munnellys was asked to also undertake logistical support to the fixtures, fittings and equipment contractor at the request of the Client.