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15 Canada Square


Project Value


Client: Canary Wharf Contractors

Type: Commercial

15 Canada Square, also known as DS3, is located in one of the last vacant sites in Canary Wharf. It has 15-storeys above ground, with 3 basement levels linking directly into the underground circulation routes and transport links.

The 400,000 ft² commercial office occupies a strategic site between Canada Square and Churchill Place. The building has been designed so it is able to operate in flexible configurations either as 1 or 2 separate but joined buildings. The building also has a wide range of amenity functions including a staff restaurant and coffee shop. An atrium sweeps up through 14 floors, with staircases linking each group of 3 floors to informal breakout areas to encourage collaborative working. The building was awarded a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating on completion.

Amongst a full logistics package at 15 Canada Square, Munnelly Logistics took ownership of the daily deliveries via an online check-in system. Deliveries would arrive at the holding park and were checked into the online delivery schedule. If correct and on time, the delivery was directed to the correct zone onsite, using the relevant colour and gate numbering, after liaising with the Munnelly site traffic management team. Using radios, the traffic management team were then contacted in anticipation of receipt of the vehicle. The unloading Sub-Contractor is also contacted for the impending delivery.

Once the vehicle has arrived at the correct unloading area, the Munnelly Traffic Marshals safely bank the vehicle ready for the relevant Sub-Contractor to unload. Prior to unloading, the Sub-Contractor signs to accept that the delivery is correct and that they have safely received their goods. The Sub-Contractor would then be required to unload in the correct area. Vehicles would be permitted to leave site with all the delivery details, a CO2 emissions report and confirmation of the goods being safely unloaded. The Munnelly site team would oversee this whole process.