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Phil Munnelly

Managing Director

Qualifying as a Quantity Surveyor with Bovis Construction Limited in 1977, Phil excelled in construction and used the experience he had gained to put together a business plan to set up his own company; thus Munnelly Support Services Ltd was born. After experiencing 20 years of growth, Phil began to look into other areas of the construction sector in an effort to encompass more into the Company. In 1998, Phil saw the potential of the waste market and, using his existing knowledge of construction, founded ICWM (Integrated Contract Waste Management Ltd). Both companies went on to become the market leaders; being a part of some of the most prestigious projects the UK has to offer. For the last 18 years, whilst managing The Munnelly Group , Phil has also enjoyed successful roles as a football agent, a night club owner and also a property developer. Over the years, Phil’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven The Munnelly Group across a variety of services and sectors; constantly striving for new business.