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Paul Munnelly

Business Strategy Director

After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BA honors degree, Paul David joined an SME broadcast company as Chief Production Manager; creating and coordinating programming on live television. In 2008, Paul David sought after a career change and soon joined the family business as a buyer within the Commercial Department. Within the first year of working within the Munnelly Group, Paul David had established several cost saving procedures that would prove to be an integral part of the Company.

He was appointed Head of Procurement shortly after and began the task of coordinating the design and build of the new Munnelly offices. Proving to be a success, Paul David took on further projects that would enhance Munnellys as a group of Companies. In 2012, he was appointed Business Strategy Director based on his ability to introduce innovations and exciting attributes to what is an already reputable Company. In his spare time, Paul David has a passion for Property Development with a variety of projects in his portfolio throughout the UK.